The Desire Map

How Do You Want to Feel?

An Introduction to The Desire Map experience

This  5-day online workshop is a perfect way to see if the full Desire Map experience is for you.  You will receive an email prompt every day for 5 days that will encourage you to dive into yourself.  In those few short days I believe you will start to see just how much clarity the full experience can bring to your life.  


DURATION: 5 days

FEE: Free

Release Through Writing?

Journaling your way to Serenity

Release through Writing is a wonderful way to begin the process of clearing out the accumulated emotional and mental baggage that may be weighing you down.  In the pages of your journal you will begin to re-discover yourself.  This a beautiful and intimate workshop that is all about self-care and honouring the Sacred you.

REGISTRATION: November 2018

COURSE STARTS: December 2018

DURATION: 4 weeks

FEE: £40