What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

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What is a Spiritual Life Coach? I get asked this question alot when I tell people what it is that I do, and I can understand why people ask as it is a relatively unknown title.  It is actually very difficult to put a label on the work that I do.  It is more than Life Coaching as there is a deeper element to my methods and the results people achieve. Transformational Coaching is another title that I could use as this work does bring about deep-rooted changes and self-development.  I also like the term Holistic Coach as this somehow […]


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Hi, it’s Caroline. It has been a very long time since I blogged! Since then I have moved website to a beautiful new online home.  I really want this space to become vibrant, with comments and interactions. My vision is for people to be requesting blog topics from me – emailing me with questions that I can answer in blog format.  That is a long way into the future though! For now it is me, the computer in front of me and no audience… and I’m OK with that.  In fact I am more than OK about it – I […]