You are Sacred

One of the most beautiful ways of honouring yourself as such is through Ceremony.

If you are local to Worcestershire, I am able to create a beautiful bespoke celebration to enable you to do just this.  You will be honouring yourself and claiming yourself as Sacred.

I specialise in creating "Threshold Ceremonies".   These beautiful experiences enable you to honour the transitions and new beginnings in your life.  These ceremonies can be either intimate or include guests.  This is your experience and we will co-create it together.  

Below are outlines of ceremonies I can Priestess for you.  This list is not exhaustive.  If you would like to discuss any of the ideas below, or have other ideas of how you would like to honour yourself please use the contact form to get in touch.

Blessingway, bespoke ceremony


A beautiful celebration to honour a Mother-to-Be and the life growing inside her.  This celebration is perfect to be shared with the women in your life.

Starts at £100

Baby Naming

Baby Naming

Honour your new Little One by gifting them their new name in a ceremonial and celebratory way.

Starts at £150

Menarche, flowering, becoming a woman, first blood, moon blood

Moontime for Girls

A lovely way to honour the young girl in your life as she becomes a woman and to ensure she steps forward as a woman in a positive, loving and supportive space. 

Starts at £50

Menarche, reclaiming ceremony, self honouring

Moontime for Women

This is the first in my series of Women's Mysteries Ceremonies.  It is never too late to reclaim the Sacred Beauty of your Moontime.  Perfect to do in a circle of women or simply alone with your Priestess.

Starts at £50

Bespoke Ceremonies, self honouring, ceremony,


A non-legal celebration of the union of two people.  This ceremony is perfect as either a precursor/follow on to a legal wedding or as a stand alone commitment of its own.

Starts at £250

Self marriage, self love, self care, empowerment


A wonderfully intimate ceremony for honouring yourself after times of hardship and pain.  This event is recommended to be performed either alone with your Priestess of with a small intimate group of loved ones.

Starts at £50

Queening, sovereignty, empowerment


Another Women's Mystery Ceremony.  This is an honouring of your own Authenticity and a re-claiming of your own Sovereignty.  This ceremony is one of my favourites.

Starts at £50



A gorgeous ceremony to celebrate a woman's maturation.  We honour the ending of the moon blood flow and the growth of wisdom.  Another Women's Mystery Ceremony.

Starts at £50


Grief Ceremonies

Ceremonies to honour loss in your life.  These could be linked to the death of a loved one or to honour the loss of a piece of yourself.  These ceremonies are intimate and I recommend they be held in solitude supported by your Priestess.

Start at £100

Threshold Ceremony, Becoming, sovereignty, empowerment

Bespoke Threshold Ceremony

Written for your needs and for your requirements.  Honour the transformations and transitions in your life.  Hold yourself as Sacred.

Starts at £100

Priestess of Brigid, Priestess of Brigantia, Priestess, Spiritual Life Coach

I am a Priestess of the Goddess known widely as Brigid or Brigantia.  As such I am Her Flamebearer.  Your ceremony will be bespoke to you but I will include a brief Blessing in the name of this beautiful, Goddess of Healing, Inspiration and Transformation.  We can discuss this detail and more when we meet to create your Sacred Moment.