Spiritual Life Coach

Once you have clarity the path ahead of you is so much more enjoyable.

I used to make endless "To Do" lists and refer to them through out the day, ticking items off in a desperate search for a sense of achievement.  

Saying "No" was something I never did - always seeking to ensure that the people around me were happy and comfortable ... even if that meant that I was numb and alone inside.

This all changed the day I took charge of my life.  I got clear on what REALLY mattered to me.  I made sure the decisions I made were aligned with my values.  I made sure my actions were things that inspired me.  That day I created what was to become my own unique form of life coaching.  

I work with a variety of techniques to get to the root of where someone is, how they are feeling and what they need to do to get to where and who they want to be.  My intention is to be accessible to everyone that feels drawn to do this self-reflection and self-empowering work.  That intention is reflected in my life coach package options below.  Whoever you are, if you are seeking tangible results, change, clarity, connection, authenticity and a deeper understanding of yourself... well, read on as we have work to do together ...

What to expect from your sessions ...

  • Tangible results
  • A space of safety - online or in person 
  • Trust and open-ness
  • Compassionate communication and in-depth listening
  • Questions, questions and more questions
  • Guided Visualisations
  • Support and Witnessing
  • Journal prompts to work on in between sessions

These sessions are for you if...

  • You are ready to take charge of your life and your destiny.
  • You are ready to start living a life grounded in self-care and self-belief.
  • Knowing how you really want to feel every day sounds exciting to you.
  • You long to discover grounded and authentic ways of connecting with yourself.
  • You love setting goals for yourself but have difficulty reaching them.
  • You are ready to say yes to being the person you have always longed to be.
  • Finding your source of inner power, your Spark, sounds just right.
  • You long to become more grounded, more joyful, more serene.

The first thing to do ...

is book your FREE 60 minute online Discovery session

You can either book your session online here...

or email me at carolinefalconer@hotmail.com

This 1 hour Discovery session is for us to connect and talk about where you are in your life and where you want to be.  If we agree to go forward together, then this Discovery session will inform your bespoke package of sessions.

Please be high in your integrity and only book a Discovery session if you are truly considering investing in a one to one package. If you simply want a free coaching session, this isn't the best way forward for you.  In that case please contact me here to discuss other options.

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Bespoke Life Coaching Package

REGISTRATION: Whenever you decide

WHERE: Online or In Person

DURATION: I recommend 6 sessions (at least) with 2 weeks between sessions.  We would decide how this would look for you at our first session.

FEE: £180 for a 6 session package (can be paid in instalments)

Questions and Answers

The most important thing is a willingness to do this work.  If you have that, then we are already on our way to getting you to where you want to be!

Please make sure you have a notebook and pen.

We will connect via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom so please make sure you have an internet connection with a front-facing camera on your device - eye contact is important.


In Person Sessions are so beautiful and meaningful.  I work in Worcestershire, in the UK and have a gorgeous outside office where I meet clients.  There is off road parking and you can hear the birds sing as we work together.  I know that most people will not be able to make the journey to my little sanctuary, and that is why I work primarily through online sessions.

Online sessions are held via Skype, Video call or Zoom meetings.  We will discuss and agree the best format when you sign up for a package.  Despite not being in the same space physically, these sessions are no less Sacred.  I find that I feel just as connected with clients when we meet online, and often people feel more relaxed as they are in their own safe, comfortable environment.

Sessions have a very loose structure to them as I don't like to force conversations to follow a set format.  

Following on from your Discovery call you will have been sent a rough outline of how I think I can support you to grow.  We will discuss that and what you hope to achieve.  Next we will set up a Coaching Agreement - which is where we decide and agree what the focus of our sessions will be.  We will then set ourselves some goals for the full package and the session ahead.  The main bulk of the coaching session follows with lots of talking, questions and answers,  and visualisations. There are so many possibilities for this work.  

As each session draws to a close we will review what we have discussed and what you have learned.  We will check in with how you are feeling during this summary time.  Finally we will agree your commitment going forward.  This is the point where you will commit to try new techniques, or make some changes until we next meet.  We will discuss any 'homework' that I think may be good for you to work on.  This is also the time that we will agree the time and date of your next session.

I am available to you for support and accountability during the time between sessions.  We will agree the best format for this together at the end of our first session.

If, after your first paid session, you don't think we are a good fit then I am able to offer a 75% refund. After our second session I offer a 50% refund.   Once we are further into our sessions I do not offer a fee refund but instead will aim to work with you to discover what is impacting upon our work.

Oh yes!

In my experience people find it much harder to invest in a soul-work or coaching session than they would to pay for a massage.  I can understand why this is - people don't expect a tangible result.  I do hope that I have highlighted just why this work is as healing and beneficial as other holistic therapies.  

Investing in coaching is an investment into your whole well-being.  It is making a commitment to yourself and placing yourself in a position of value within your own mind.  You will see changes in the way you think early in our sessions together and this will grow as your clarity blooms.

If you still have questions, please reach out to me using the form below and I will contact you shortly.  Please add as much detail as you can in your message to enable me to answer you as fully as possible. Thank you.