Identifying your Core Values

A Pathway to Rediscovering Your Authentic Self

This self-study e-course will support you to gain a deeper understanding of what matters most to you.  Lessons will be delivered to your inbox for you to work through at your own pace. You will work with tools such as journal prompts, list-making, guided visualisation and creative play to support you on your journey of self discovery.  When you reach the end of this workshop you will have a list of 3-5 core values that you recognise as being one of the foundations of who you are right now.

I recommend you complete this e-course before signing up for "Celebrating your Core Values".

REGISTRATION: January 2023

COURSE STARTS: February 2022

DURATION: Work through at your own pace

FEE: £19

Release Through Writing?

Journaling your way to Serenity

Release through Writing is a wonderful way to begin the process of clearing out the accumulated emotional and mental baggage that may be weighing you down.  In the pages of your journal you will begin to release what no longer nourishes you and re-discover yourself.  This a beautiful and intimate self-paced e-course that is all about self-care and honouring the authentic You.


COURSE STARTS: To Be Announced

DURATION: 4 weeks

FEE: To Be Announced

Celebrating your Core Values

Create a Mini-book to Document and Honour Your Core Values

This self-study e-course will guide you through the steps to create a beautiful mini book to document and honour your core values.  You will be invited to work with patterned paper, stamps, mixed media and other creative goodies.  The key to this workshop is being true to who you are and to what feels right for you creatively. 

When you reach the end of this workshop you will have a unique mini book that documents a piece of who you are right now. 

This e-course is a standalone workshop. If you need support to discover your core values I recommend my e-course "Identifying your Core Values" as a precursor to this one.


COURSE STARTS: Spring 2023

DURATION: Work through at your own pace

FEE: £36