Hi, I'm Caroline.

My spiritual training began in 1999 and since then I have trained to become a Priestess, Healer and a Spiritual Life Coach.

My work is grounded in my own deep love and connection with the natural world, Goddess and the Ancestors. I take my lead from the cycle of the seasons around me and the moon above.

In my one to one sessions and workshops I seek to inspire and support people to begin their healing journeys towards wholeness and self-empowerment. People work with me to discover authentic connection, to heal themselves and to find clarity.

As well as one to one sessions I offer a number of online and in person workshops that focus on guiding people to discover the gift that is their own unique self.

As part of my Priestess practice I co-create beautiful bespoke Threshold Ceremonies with people who seek to mark a special occasion in their life. 

My intention is to always live high in my integrity and to embody my values in all that I do.  I aim to always be Present - when in relationship with others and also with myself.  This enables me to be connected and operate from a place of authenticity and love.  I endeavour to always remember that myself, and all life, is Sacred and should  be respected and honoured as such.

I live in Worcestershire in the UK with my husband Craig, daughter Elora and my cat Saffron.

What I Do
How I Got Here

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