Hi, I'm Caroline.

I began my journey with the Divine Feminine in 1999. Since that time I have deepened my connection with Goddess and the Sacred Feminine within me. 

I began memory keeping in 2008 and my love for it has grown deeper and deeper over the years.  When I began to combine my sacred practices with my creative enjoyments something very powerful and beautiful began to happen.

I am a Priestess of Brigid and draw upon the inspiration of this Goddess-energy when I create and write.  Memory keeping is so much more than a hobby to me. It is a tool for learning more about myself and about the relationships I have with others.  My Priestess and  memory keeping practices help me to grow as a person.  

I like to blend creative memory keeping with the many techniques for self development and self healing that I have learned over the years.  It has become a tool that I turn to every week to help me ground myself into who I really want to be.

In my projects I seek to celebrate my life journey and my authentic voice.  My creative projects are homes for the stories of our lives, the ups and the downs, the truths of now and the hopes for the future.

I hope to inspire and support other people to begin their journeys of self development through creativity.  

I offer a number of self paced e-courses that focus on guiding people to discover more about themselves within the pages of their journals and scrapbooks.  I also offer individual and group coaching opportunities.  For more information about these please sign up for my newsletter to be kept up to date when the next sessions will run.

As well as being a Priestess, crystal healer and passionate memory keeper, I am a Library Resource Manager with a deep love for Libraries, books and the sacred power of words.  I live in Worcestershire in the UK with my husband Craig, daughter Elora and my cat Saffron.

Creative Team Member

I am a member of the Design Team over at Traci Reed Designs.  Traci creates incredible Digital and Printable collections each month.  I am a paper scrapbooker and I love the freedom and inspiration that I feel when working with her printable products.