About Me

How I became a Priestess...

I found my way to this Priestess Path in 1997 following a bereavement.  I was 19 years old and had never felt so broken, lost or alone.  There was peace in solitude in the woodlands close to where I lived and walking in the raw, elemental beauty of the Lake District.  I spent time in deep reflection and writing in my journal.

I sought peace, clarity and connection.  

Slowly I found these things by developing a deep love for the earth around me.  The cycle of the seasons and the moon above brought me peace and grounding.

I began my formal training by attending many online and in person training courses.  I learned about moon magic, women's mysteries, compassionate communication, crystal healing, energy work.  My thirst for connection and "something more" was soul-deep and I kept studying and growing.  Always striving for more ... to find myself ... to become more myself... to become who I knew I wanted to be.

Despite all of these lessons, I did not find myself in the place of serenity and mysticism that I longed for.  I trained online with a Teacher who grew me in ways I had never dreamt possible.  She inspired me to become a person I never thought I could be.  Working with her techniques I dived deeper into myself.  I did introspective questioning work, deep meditations and shamanic journey-work.  In the pages of my journal I started to unravel my own mysteries.  I was gold-mining into the Shadows of myself and finding true treasures there.  Pulling the techniques I had learned from many classes together, I was able to shift my own perspectives.  Looking at my block from a new angle, in a new light - I found wisdom.

I found my authentic self.  

This discovery brought with it the realisation that I did not have to stop seeking and learning, but what I did need to do was integrate.  All the experiences I had been through, everything I had learned - it all needed to be brought into my life, to be lived.  I worked with Danielle LaPorte's "The Desire Map" to refine my vision of myself and bring myself into balance.  This integration would bring a deeper yearning into my life.  I suddenly longed to share what I had experienced, to guide and support others to heal, grow and become whole.  I longed to support others to discover their authenticity, to seek their true roots and to grow from there.

This was my Calling.

I searched around, made an impulse decision and began training in Glastonbury to become a Priestess. I never looked back!

My Priestess training brought me beautiful and humbling experiences.  I grew as an individual and I healed.  I also discovered new techniques and learned how to serve as a Priestess of Goddess to my community and the wider world.

In January 2018, humbly and with deep love and gratitude, I initiated as a Priestess of Brigantia (a Goddess also known as Brigid) and was gifted the title of Flame-bearer.

I realised then that I was called to light the spark of inspiration in others - to guide them to heal themselves and become whole. 

That is where you come in.  If any of my story has spoken to you, then please, head over here to look at how we could work together.  I believe truly and with all of my heart that you do have the power within you to be exactly the person you want to be.  You just don't know it yet, or maybe you do know it but you just don't know how to start?  We can work on that together.  I have been where you are, I know how important this journey ahead of you is.



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