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What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

I get asked this question alot when I tell people what it is that I do, and I can understand why people ask as it is a relatively unknown title.  It is actually very difficult to put a label on the work that I do.  It is more than Life Coaching as there is a deeper element to my methods and the results people achieve. Transformational Coaching is another title that I could use as this work does bring about deep-rooted changes and self-development.  I also like the term Holistic Coach as this somehow seems more accessible.  I'd love to discover my reader's thoughts on this in the comments section.

What is my style?

In my one to one coaching sessions (which I do both online and in person) I seek to inspire and support people to begin their healing journeys towards wholeness and self-empowerment. People work with me to discover authentic connection, to heal themselves and to find clarity.  My work is grounded in my own deep love and connection with the natural world, Goddess and the Ancestors.  The cycle of the seasons around me and the moon above are my inspiration which means I work a lot with releasing and renewal.

My style is a unique and holistic blending of various practices and principles.  I employ a variety of methods to guide people to shift from operating from a head-space and into a place of heart and soul.  I combine Spiritual Life Coaching techniques with Earth Medicine practices.  I also work with Oracle cards, visualisations, and journal prompts to get to the root of things.  I often underpin my sessions with   techniques inspired by Danielle LaPorte's inspirational work "The Desire Map".  As you can see a One to One package of sessions is always completely unique to my client and their needs.

This is soul-work…

The work people do when we are together is deep.  It is juicy and gritty and real.  The aim of this work is to seek clarity and connection - to become a different version of yourself.  A client and I will work together to seek the truth about who they are, how they want to feel and who they hope to be.  This work lead's people to heal old inner wounds and forge new paths.  It is a beautiful process.

Spirituality is about connecting with something bigger than ourselves and also finding the mystery within ourselves. Working with a spiritual coach means you are investing in and prioritising your spirituality and your quest for your authentic self.

Spiritual coaching focuses on discovering how it is you want to feel in focussed areas of your life.  Once an individual is clear on how they want to feel, we will find techniques to help them get to that place, we will set goals with soul.  An individual's spiritual goals could be: looking into why something is an emotional block for you, understanding spiritual gifts, connecting to Divinity, gaining confidence in your own intuition and much more.

This work is not grounded in religion or religious beliefs. Instead the foundation here is the belief that we are each responsible for the person we are - we each have the power within us to take charge of our lives and blossom into the best version of ourselves that we can be.

I have done this work. The techniques I use are grounded entirely in my own experiences.  You can read more of my story here. I am a grounded and strong woman.  I love the person I have become but it took commitment, work and deep soul-searching to get here.  My offering one-to-one sessions I seek to inspire others to heal, grow and develop into who they have always longed to become.

To learn more…

If you are interested in booking a package of one-to-one sessions please head over to my website to learn more.

And now over to you...

Please leave any comments in the box below.  I would love to know whether people think the term Spiritual Life Coach is too off-putting.  Would you be more drawn to a holistic life coach for example?

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