Hi, it's Caroline.

It has been a very long time since I blogged! Since then I have moved website to a beautiful new online home.  I really want this space to become vibrant, with comments and interactions.

My vision is for people to be requesting blog topics from me - emailing me with questions that I can answer in blog format.  That is a long way into the future though!

For now it is me, the computer in front of me and no audience... and I'm OK with that.  In fact I am more than OK about it - I am happy with that fact!!  As I sit here and type, I have a plan in front of me  - for this post, for a whole year of posts in fact.  Yet I feel awkward, uncertain, nervous even.  There's a little voice in my head whispering that no-one will be interested in what I have to write, that I don't have anything ground-breaking to share and other self-defeating thoughts like this.  That little voice belongs to my Shadow and she and I are well acquainted.  I know her voice well and I always let her have her say, but she knows that I make my own decisions now, as I have healed myself of many negative thought patterns and shadow projections.  So here I am ... typing!

I am loving my new website and I really hope that any people following me from my old one prefer it too.  I'm going to use the rest if this post to give you a little tour around it with some screen shots and links.

Front page

The image to the left is the Homepage.  I wanted it to be super simple and authentic.  Strong yet vulnerable and I think this image of me is just that.  From here you can click "Read More" in the centre of the screen or navigate from the menu at the top.  I love the monochrome!

If you click the "Read More" button it takes you directly to the Work with Me page.  This page gives an overview of the different ways I am available for people as a Priestess, Healer and Coach.  There are more details for each of these services when people click the relevant "Read More" button.

Read more
121 sessions

The page detailing my one-to-one sessions is quite simple.  I didn't want to overwhelm people with information and I wanted to be transparent about my fees too.  My intention was to let people know they can work with me in person or online, that it is affordable, and that it brings really positive change into your life.

My Priestess services pages is extensive but again, I hope, accessible.  I give short snippets about the ceremonies I can provide and an indication of cost.  These services are for in-person events only which does limit the people I am able to support but is the nature of this type of work.


My workshops page will be the one evolving page on my website.  I have a program of online and in-person workshops that I am hoping to launch in the coming months and it is here on the website that details can be found.  I'm aiming for clarity again - so it is nice an clear what each workshop does, when you can sign up and how much it costs.  I love leading workshops and this area of the website really excites me!

How do you want to feel
About me

I've included an About Me page quite prominently and I've put some info about my past and my passions in here.  I think it is important to tell your visitors about yourself - especially when your business is person-centred.

Rather than over-whelming people with my spiritual life-history I opted to put more detail at the bottom of the About Me page.  On the live website both of these images are links that give you more information.

As well about me

I really hope people like my new online home as much as I do.  If you do read this blog and would like to make a comment about the website, or some suggestions for future blog posts, then please leave a comment below.

Thank you

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